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From 2,500 pounds to 18,000 pounds, Mile Marker has a winch to get the job done. Our Electric Winch line features industry-best performance and value, while our legendary Hydraulic Winch is an unstoppable force in recovery- just ask the U.S. Military.


Count on these Snatch Blocks, D-Rings, Tree Straps, Winch Accessories, rigging equipment and safety gear to get you out of trouble. There is a lot hanging on the other side of a winch line… don’t compromise.


4WD hubs for vehicles dating as far back as 1941. All metal internal gearing, heavy detents, and lifetime warranties are just a couple reasons why these hubs have been Abused World Wide for over 30 years.

$100 Back. Right Now! Buy the SEC15 15,000 pound winch

Project (es) vs. The Rest

Project ES Infographic| PRODUCT | We’ve cracked the code. Want to see why Project (es) Winches are pulling ahead of competitors? Take a look at what our SEC8 (es) looks like versus other winches.

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We’re Hiring!

Spring Internship at Mile Marker, Pompano Beach, FL| TEAM ORANGE | WE’RE HIRING! Mile Marker is looking for Spring Intern candidates and technicians. Ever wanted to work in the #Automotive Aftermarket? Do you LOVE #jeepsand #Trucks? Are you a student or enthusiast who wants a foot in the door to an exciting industry selling a product that doesn’t bore you to death? Click here to apply:

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