ExpeditionSEMA Announces 2017 Expedition

Catawba, North Carolina: March 16rd 2017

The Garage Shop Owner and Driver, Aaron Brown, and his trusted navigator, Ed Goff, Owner of Goff Metal Fab, have teamed up with Performance Plus Oils for the second annual ExpeditionSEMA adventure. Expedition SEMA will start their trek at the Performance Plus Oils – Safety Kleen corporate offices in Independence Missouri with a send-off party on Oct. 10th 2017. Then the adventure begins as Expedition SEMA hits the first of many dirt trails, the Oregon Trail. These two seasoned racers and fabricators will complete the journey in a fully rebuilt 1970 Toyota FJ-40 Land Cruiser dubbed the ‘Trail Rat.’ Expedition SEMA is a solo journey, the team has no backup or chase crew, Aaron and Ed are on their own and will carry all tools and supplies necessary to survive. Check out the full recap of Expedition SEMA 2016 in the latest edition of Via Corsa Magazine, available on newsstands now. Professional Video Recap of Expedition SEMA 2016 here:


Expedition SEMA 2017 travels across the Oregon Trail through 6 states. Once they hit the Owyhee Wilderness area in Idaho they will head south towards Salt Lake City making a stop at the Golden Spike where the first transcontinental railroad met east and west lines. Next stop is the Bonneville Salt Flats to celebrate a 10 year anniversary where the Dodge 71 stock car built by Aaron Brown and crew crushed a world record with a 244.9 MPH run in 2007. From there Expedition SEMA takes the Pony Express east, then turns south through Moab, Needles, Zion, Northern AZ and on to Las Vegas. 3,800 Miles, 20 days, 15 ghost towns, abandoned mining districts, Pony Express stops, dirt roads, OHV trails and tough mountain terrain; this is Expedition SEMA 2017! The northern route faces weather obstacles; the trails are harder and the locations more remote as Aaron and Ed venture deep into the Wild West wilderness. Follow Along: All year long, The Garage Shop will post updates as they prep for this epic adventure. Come Oct. 10th Expedition SEMA will be posting Daily Trip Reports to the The Garage Shop Facebook page. Search #ExpeditionSEMA for content. Meet Expedition SEMA: Meet and Greet with Expedition SEMA as they finish their journey. Check out the ‘Trail Rat’ Expedition SEMA 1970 Toyota FJ-40 at the 2017 SEMA show! Details to follow. With world-class manufacturers as marketing partners, Expedition SEMA has the confidence to complete the 3,800 mile solo trip in the 1970 Toyota FJ-40 Trail Rat.


Check out Mile Markers SEC15, which is used on the #expeditionSEMA trip

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