8000-9500 lb. Winches

The Mile Marker Electric Winch Line offers the off-road enthusiast a traditional alternative to our legendary Hydraulic System. These units were designed and constructed to define value: best performance per pound than any unit in their price range. Our dependable full size winches range from 8,000 lbs. to 9,500 lbs. in capacity, meaning we have the right winch for your vehicle. Mile Marker winches feature best in class working range line speeds. After years of motor tuning and gear ratio development for performance, Mile Marker turned their focus on creating the best equipped winch in the industry by sealing the units.

Mile Marker Jeep Truck SUV Winch SEC95 9500 lbs winch with steel cable 76-50246BW

$810.99$689.34 Website Special 15% OFF MSRP

SEC95 – 9500 lb. WINCH

Mile Marker Jeep Truck SUV Winch SEC8 8000 lb winch with steel cable 77-50141W

$669.99$569.49 Website Special 15% OFF MSRP

SEC8 – 8000 lb. WINCH


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