Mile Marker Unveils New Products at 2017 SEMA Show

Mile Marker Unveils New Products at 2017 SEMA Show

Mile Marker Unveils New Winch, Shackle Mount and Hub at 2017 SEMA Show


Mile Marker Industries, a leader in the recovery gear industry, has taken on a bold new look with brand new products that include the highly anticipated M² electric winch line, 549 premium locking hubs and a first of its kind shackle mount design.


While most traditional winch designs have their solenoid placed at the top, the Mile Marker M² series has taken that technology and fully incorporated it into the housing of the winch, thus allowing the once visible wiring to now run underneath the winch in a contained environment. This patent pending innovation is not only brilliant in design, but its price tag is sure to please any off-road enthusiast looking for a sleeker and more affordable option.

Coupled with our outstanding M² winch is a new product offering for Mile Marker, the Shackle Mount. What makes this product a stand out is that this new design allows the load to directly transfer from the shackle to the rope. This will add years to the lifetime of the product by simply eliminating fatigue loading. Weighing less than a pound this Shackle Mount is the perfect complement to Mile Marker’s entire winch line.

The 549 Premium Locking hub uses the latest technology in advanced manufacturing, and the only manual hub that is CTIS compatible. Our 549 will quickly become the ultimate choice for any Ford 2005 and newer Super Duty truck that takes on the extreme off-roading experience.

Established in 1984, Mile Marker Industries has continued to be a leader in providing both the military and off-road markets with all things recovery; from shackles and mounting systems to winches, ropes and hubs, never veering from its commitment to excellence when it comes to performance, durability and dependability of all our products.

Mile Marker products are distributed worldwide through major distributors and retailers, 4 x 4 specialty dealers and online.

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