Project Front Runner adds Mile Marker power

Project Front Runner adds Mile Marker power

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Project Front Runner adds Mile Marker power.

Performance in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

“We started working on the truck and then we worked with Sherwin-Williams to get it ready for SEMA and actually put it in their booth at the show. We committed to a SEMA project and we got it done,” said Jay Abitz, the automotive instructor at the high school.

A boost to the student build team came on Sept. 14 when representatives of  Toys For Trucks—a Wisconsin-based truck accessories retailer—delivered $7,849 worth of donations from its supplier companies to help keep the SEMA project on track. They were supplied products by Mile Marker Winch, ARB, AVS, Bushwacker, Hi-Lift, Lund, Pro-Car by Scat, Rampage, The Stripe Guy, Vision Wheels and Yakima.

The original plan was to paint the truck bright red, but the students took things in another direction. The truck was finished in black and then painted a flat red over the black. The red was then sanded to let the black show through in certain areas for a distressed look. Then, four coats of clear were applied.

Among the accessories supplied by the companies listed above were a new Pro-Car by Scat red-and-black seat, Bushwacker cut-out flares, a Hi-Lift bumper jack, Lund Proline carpeting, a beefy ARB guardrail style front bumper system and an ARB snorkel, an AVS bug shield, a Rampage Trail Can tool kit, Vision Nemeis wheels, a Mile Marker waterproof winch system and, from Yakima, a roof rack, wind fairing, Mega Warrior basket and Hi-Lift mount.

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