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The Mile Marker Hydraulic Winch System has been a self-recovery icon for over 15 years. This legendary system utilizes the vehicle’s OEM power steering pump as its power source. Everyday, more than 200 million power steering pumps operate flawlessly. Used in all types of vehicles, under every condition, from 50 below to 135 degrees above, the pump must perform for years without service or adjustment. It has to withstand every type of abuse without failure. Having a built-in governor (the pressure relief valve), it is impossible to overload or overwork the pump. This is why harnessing the hydraulic power steering pump has become the best choice for recovery power!

H Series

The H-Series Hydraulic Winch Line offers the most versatility in mounting and installation options. With a completely independent solenoid control valve and multi-directional motor positions, the H Series is the choice for a custom or remote installation.


HI Series Winches

The HI-Series Hydraulic Winch comes with the solenoid control valve factory mounted to the winch, allowing for a more efficient installation. This outfit is designed to be installed with a permanent location in mind.


New 18k!

Mile Marker introduces their largest winch ever: The 18,000 Pound Hydraulic Winch. This powerful, compact unit is a versatile tool that can accommodate endless applications.

NEW H-18k